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What is RPL?

Reach Career Heights by Topping up Your Qualifications
Based on Your Years of Work Experience through RPL Credits.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) involves assessing an individual's prior learning and work experience (including formal, informal and non-formal learning) to determine the credit values and required qualifications to top up.

The awarding RPL Credits are not equal to a full qualification one would receive from a University, however, these credits are similarly recognized by worldwide corporates and institutions. They help in becoming a lending hand to upgrade one’s self in terms of their academic achievements.

The RPL Process at EVS:

Stage 1

Free Consultation for Skill Assessment

Stage 2

Finalizing Evidence Portfolio

Stage 3

Competency Test & Skill Observation

Stage 4

Approval of Credit Certificate from UK

The RPL consultants at EVS have years of experience evaluating individuals of their skills and knowledge, and advising them on what their next step should be.

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Benefits of Obtaining RPL Credits

  • Strengthens Your Resume for a Promotion or a Job Application (Locally & Overseas)
  • Credits are Awarded by a Reputed Institution in the United Kingdom
  • Strengthens Migration Applications
  • Recognized Qualifications in a Short Period (Based on Competency, Applicants are Allowed to Skip Certain Modules of a Programme)
Eligibility to Evaluate Under RPL

If your current resume represent below points, you can apply for RPL evaluation with EVS.

  • Age 28 or Above
  • 10 Years Work Experience in a Particular Field
  • Current Qualification should be below NVQ 7 (Below Master’s Level)
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